Comments for Sony’s “Emoji” movie is an actual thing that is happening. Because reasons.


  1. Xander

    Hahahha! Maybe a poop emoji will discover Norwegian disco 😛 Im dying!

  2. Mary

    So this is just a rip-off of Wreck-It-Ralph…

    1. Dullohan

      My thoughts exactly. The took the Lego movie removed the body’s, and slapped wreck-it-ralph’s story on it.

  3. EricJ

    “Reasons” being, Sony is still desperate for an animated icon, now that Universal has the Minions (Sony had a hit with Hotel Transylvania, but looks like the Smurfs aren’t catching on like they hoped), and the market for non-Disney animated franchises revolves around cult characters that can be marketed in short-form previews.

    In Emoji’s case, look, they’re little, round and yellow…

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