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  1. Sam

    Bill Nighy as Aronnax !!

    1. RJ Foster

      Excellent choice!

  2. Pang

    Whoever, but don’t change the characters’ race.

    1. RJ Foster

      I totally agree with you on this!

  3. RJ Foster

    I feel the only actor out there for Captain Nemo would be Liam Neeson. He combines the quiet smoldering rage and intelligence that are major factors to Captain Nemo’s Character.

  4. Randall Porter

    To call 20K a SteamPunk novel is totally out of context and sloppy journalism. A better term and frankly better suited is Techno-Triller. As a number number of documentaries have shown most of the technology was only a few years in the future and not that far fetched. A look at the some times a number of navies were experimenting with Subs. So please let’s try not to be cute.

    1. EricJ

      That’s just it: They’re getting TOO caught up in “Look, let’s connect it to the Monitor and the Merrimack!”, which pretty much takes away from an all-metal submarine being a new Verne-y invention.
      Yes, Nemo is protesting man’s war and other human follies, but he didn’t have any particular political grudge.

      And yes, Eternally PO’ed Liam would be perfect, unless they’re going to make a show of pretending to be book-sticklers (always happens in remakes) and make Nemo East-Indian, like LXG did, or with James Mason’s bottle-tan.

    2. Typing that the article called Verne’s 20K book “a SteamPunk’ novel” / IS – totally out of context and sloppy: Reading! It was called: “steampunk” (in quotes) INSPIRING – nothing more & nothing less.

  5. Barnett

    I should be captain Nemo! Forget all those actor types! I AM Nemo and one day will rule the seas in my own Naughtylouse!

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