Comments for PHOTOS: Taking one last look at what closed down at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


  1. Reagan greer

    so sad to see one of my favorite places in Disney parks closing, well lets hope star wars and toy story land are awesome

  2. Pretty soon it won’t even feel like Disney anymore ?

    1. Robert Lacroix

      I agree we have been going to disney world for 30 years and it will be hard to see these attractions disappear But changes are needed to keep up . Like walt said things will always change and get more beautiful.

  3. Antonio

    Anyone know where to get the personalized Star Wars name badges now that the Grotto is closed?

    1. Shari

      Star Wars Launch Bay has several items that can be personalized.

  4. Dawn

    Visited two weeks ago. Hollywood Studios is a boring mess. Might as well rename the place to Star Wars Park. We ran out of things to do and see in 5 hours, felt like I was at a local carnival park. Nothing tied together, no themes, we have visited DisneyWorld 12 times in 15 years. Came home and sold my DVC membership. It was that bad. How many Mermaid clam shell rides have been built? Yet nothing for Frozen- I think the greatest hit since Toy Story for this franchise? Star Wars over Frozen? Disney is NOT Star Wars.

    1. Allie

      Disney owns Star Wars, so yes, it is Disney.
      Epcot has. Frozen ride; it took the place of Maelstrom in Norway. It had over a 6 hour wait the day it opened.

      You should probably do some research and educate yourself before making comments.

      1. James

        StaStar wars is part of disney. And I’d have to agree way so much star wars at Hollywood studios.

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