Comments for “Peter Pan” officially announced as the next Disney live-action film adaptation


  1. EricJ

    And note how many times Lowery’s work on Pete’s Dragon will be mentioned in the press releases–
    Disney has a tendency to make three movies at once, before the first one even comes out. Call it “Wishful thinking.”

  2. Heather

    Better have a Native American as Tiger Lily, unlike Pan, where she was played by a white girl.

    1. EricJ

      And even Pan was baldfaced plagiarizing the SyFy “Neverland” miniseries where they used actual native actors–
      Instead of fantasy-washing any hint of ethnicity and making them look like showgirls at Rio Vegas.

      But, like Disney’s Jungle Book vs. the other one, sounds like they’ll be sticking to the movie rather than the book, so it’ll be closer to the Disney than to that live-action ’03 mess.

  3. Bailey

    I love Peter Pan so freaking much, and I’m so ready for a new movie about the classic! HOWEVER, I hope that they will follow the book a lot more this time unlike how they rewrote over half the story to their own liking in the cartoon movies.

  4. Miranda

    Yes! I would love to see Robbie again as Pan in this live action movie!
    He’s my all time favorite villain on Once!

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