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  1. Nicki Hazelett

    The more I hear and see The Mako hyper coaster on my computer makes me want to try it out riding it. I work on Friday June 10, 2016 but maybe I can try to talk my mom into taking off work to come to Sea World in Orlando Florida on this opening day of this hyper coaster.
    I work from 10:00 am to 1:00pm my short day. The rest of this day I am free. I so want to turn over a very new leaf to ride this hyper coaster.
    I am going to be brave and try it.

  2. Nicki Hazelett

    I want to be person one to try out this new hyper coaster at Sea World in Orlando Florida nicely to be first to ride this hyper coaster

  3. Jackie cook

    Does anyone know if Mako will be open for any/all riders on June 10th or will you have to have a voucher/pass in order to be able to ride? We are staying an extra day just so we can hopefully be one of the first to ride Mako.

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