Comments for James Cameron just announced that we will be getting four Avatar sequels!


  1. EricJ

    Heck, why not announce TWELVE, Jim, you’re never going to actually make them anyway…

  2. Tony

    It’s never gonna happen. He keeps delaying the current three. I do believe he will release another Avatar film however I feel it will flop and that will be a wrap.

  3. TomJK

    Ugh. He must have some kind of ego right now. “Avatar” wasn’t even that good. Of course, I wasn’t a big fan of “Titanic,” but that film still did exemplify great filmmaking. I keep hearing news about Avatar sequels, but if they eventually happen, the second might do moderately well, but not as well as the first because of 3 things:

    1. The first might be better than the sequel.

    2. The hype has died down because we haven’t gotten an Avatar sequel recently.

    3. The hype has died down because audiences were not too thrilled with the first one and found it overrated.

    Just because a movie does well doesn’t always mean it’s good.

    One more thing: I am still bothered by the font they’ve used for the title. It almost looks similar to what used to be called “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Ever since his movie, “The Last Airbender” doesn’t use “Avatar” anymore. It kind of angers me a bit, like he just wouldn’t leave it alone and come up with a title like “Pandora.”

    Don’t get me wrong. I do think James Cameron is a great director. “Titanic” shows it. But his best work, in my opinion, would be “Aliens” and the first two Terminator films, especially “Judgment Day.”

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