Comments for Introducing… the all-new ITM! There’s much more FUN to come as we reach our 11th anniversary

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  1. Rob Stevens

    Congratulations on the huge anniversary and expansion, Ricky (and team)! As long as you keep producing great content, I’m sure the success will continue to come.

  2. Beth

    Thank you for an amazing website and YouTube channel Ricky (and team)! I really hope the podcast/YouTubecast does comes back, I miss it sooo much! Thank you!

  3. CNat

    Congrats Ricky! So glad to see the new look and the promise of more fun things to come!

  4. KT

    This new branding and website is really, REALLY pretty. Easy to navigate and use, too. And I’m picky.

    It’s been super exciting to watch ITM grow as much as it has since 2005. Congratulations on everything, Ricky and team!

    Excited for any new updates on the podcast horizon, also! Meanwhile, I’ve been diving back into the 500+ episode back catalog. They are perhaps even more enjoyable to listen to now that they’re “vintage”.

    Again, major kudos to Ricky and everyone else!!!! Thanks for supplying such rad content for the past 11 years.

  5. Mike

    Ricky, where is the podcast? Seriously, its what this site was built on.

    I miss the old smaller ITM, I know I am probably in the minority. The major reason I loved Inside the Magic was because of Ricky’s amazing podcast and articles. Its just not the same now, not nearly as personal. Just one fans opinion.

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