Comments for Disney COO Tom Staggs is stepping down; will not be replacing Bob Iger as CEO


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    I can’t say I have ever paid much attention to who is “in charge” at Disney or how the parks, movie makers, etc. are connected on a corporate level. But Disney movies have been going through a slump in my opinion (most of the releases the past 5 years or so have only been good by Disney standards and few have been great), while the parks seem to be getting bumped up a notch. I hope that changes at the top will see the movie making portion getting reenergized the way the parks have been.

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      It’s not that the movies have been going through a slump, it’s that Iger has been getting a little “corporately senile” after too long at the head, and the Frozen-centrism at the marketing and the parks, and the desire to send hit sequels down the pipe, has started to get some fans wondering who ELSE should try and run the company.
      We started paying attention to Iger’s retirement date when he started getting too snarky at the fans who asked for Song of the South, and Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4 has made some of us very interested in his replacement.

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