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  1. I’ve heard rumors that “One Man’s Dream” will be closing down. Any truth to that?

    I loved going through that attraction a year ago when I was there for a conference and I hope to take my family to see it when we go in 2018.

  2. DHS is our families favorite! So many good memories, I never see this changing. Great Movie Ride, street performers, animation courtyard, TSM, tot, and the list goes on! I think the changes will only make it more memorable.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love DHS as well (we’re mostly west coast DLR travelers but every time we ride Tower of Terror I tell the kids that they’re going to like the DHS version so much better) and I’m excited for the new stuff to come. Personally I have a soft spot for the historical museum-like content of One Man’s Dream and really loved it and hope that the content will be relocated somewhere else perhaps.

  4. Alex

    I can not!! can not!! believe you’ll are tore this down.

  5. Maria Stigliani

    I love all the attractions and I’ll miss The Muppets and Lights, Motor Action. Fantasmic is the best night show ever.

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