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  1. Tom JK

    I am definitely excited for “Beauty and the Beast,” but the rest just feels like overkill. I almost feel like they are running out of new and original ideas. I mean, do we really need more of these? Sometimes, most remakes aren’t as good as the originals. Why hurt the legacy each classic film gave us? It’s okay if there are a few live-action adaptations, but you can’t do it for every animated film. Also,
    you can’t replace classics. These will never be that highly regarded as the animated ones are.

    Sure “Cinderella” and “Jungle Book” worked, but they’re the same stories we’ve seen before. Come on, Disney! Take some risks! “Zootopia” was brilliant. We need more films like that. You sure can’t execute those same characters in live-action form. No matter what the film is, let’s see something new. There are way too many Peter Pan and Pinocchio movies out there. Enough is enough.

    Still, a Winnie the Pooh story with an adult Christopher Robin sounds touching. I wonder if they’ll use “Return to Pooh Corner” as part of the soundtrack.

    1. Aedren

      I agree. I have several ideas for a movie that would work. But Cristopher Robin coming back as an adult seems very unoriginal. They’ve already done it in Hook and in Alice in Wonderland and in Book 7 of Narnia. What’s next, the Goonies coming back as adults?

      1. Bobby

        Yes goonies 2 would be awsome

  2. Viet


  3. lee_martin

    Snow white, Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell were awesome.

  4. David

    I don’t remakes

  5. Hollis

    Nothing new in those kinds you call imagineers Disney

  6. Tyler


    1. BB

      Pocahontas would be great if they make it with John Smith!

      1. Personally, I could see Jennifer Lawrence playing Cruella if she nailed the British accent and she’s a bit darker. But, Emma can be wacky and crazy so that might a way to go. Just curious, what does anyone think of Daniel Radcliffe playing John Smith? For some reason I’m thinking that be the way to go for a big break post-Harry Potter, especially if it were a musical with the songs that were excluded from the original release of movie. Otherwise, who else should play John Smith? Any suggestions?

  7. Tara

    I am so excited to see Ewan McGregor and Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast

  8. Nadn

    Disney is probably trying to remake the movies so the movies will be rewatched, or maybe for the future generation to not think that the original movies were crap

  9. Aedren

    How hard can it be to think of an original idea? I’ve got lots of ideas that could work for a Disney Movie and there are hundreds of people who also think of things. Why do they have so little imagination? i doubt that people would like to see the same story over and over again. Make something new, or don’t bother!

    1. Jack

      Everyone saying Disney are out of ideas, ever heard of Zootopia, Moana, Gigantic, Big Hero 6? All amazing fresh concepts – yes some are based on existing characters but they’ve been reimagined and it’s completely different teams working on the remakes to who works on new animated features. There’s more than enough room to look back on the past and still move forward into the future.

  10. Helen

    Not gonna lie, that Snow White – Rose Red movie sounds awesome. Also excited for a live-action Mulan, though I don’t know how they’ll go making a war movie for kids.
    I don’t know how I feel about Genies being a thing, and Robin Williams not being here to be part of it.

    1. Hi

      My thoughts exactly. It’ll never be the same without Robin Williams

      1. Ricky

        Totally agree but don’t think they will make the genie, as fast pasting, over the top as robin Williams was able to do with the cartoon version, so could work well will the cinema graphics they have now

  11. Henry The Horrid

    I love the idea of live-action movies- as long as they have some kind of twists. We all look forward to beauty and the beast, and i can’t wait for Mulan, Prince Charming or a new Peter Pan movie (Pan sucks btw. They made Peter seem like a completely different kind of character). But i feel like someof these will getbad. I mean Dumbo? Really? And i cannot see how Winnie The Poo will become a good live-action. Some storie will work better animeted.

    But we have to think about how this is just the remakes. Disney are constantly trying to make new stories, and most of the new ones are animated. It would be wierd if they made remakes of animated movies as new animated movies. and they are btw making a new Little Mermaid movie too. I’m so exited!

  12. Juanita


  13. Is like to see a live action Pocahontas as well

    1. BB

      SAME!! Pocahontas

  14. Alex Lohman

    I’m so ready for Mulan!!!!

  15. BB

    Pocahontas and Rapunzel would be great!

  16. Anthea

    Why is Pocahontas not on this list??

  17. Mina

    Pocahontas should be on this list..

  18. Bailey wilson

    Why hasn’t anyone remade a live version of the hunchback of notre dame!?

    1. Lizzy

      I agree! Hunchback of Notre Dame would be great to see! I like all of the ideas of remaking the Disney classics! I believe they are making them for adults and children to enjoy together. It’s a way to relive the classics, but get a slightly new spin on them as well. Keep them coming Disney!!

  19. anis

    Aladdin please. I think, Selena Gomez is perfect for Jasmine 😀

  20. Usra

    Beauty and The Beast is coming out soon!!!! Ahhhh I’m so excited!!!

  21. Jesus

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