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  1. Matt

    Thor’s not gonna be in Civil War either.

  2. EricJ

    I think the question worth asking is, “Is BvS going to change WARNER’S plans?
    Everyone’s writing today’s headlines without considering tomorrow’s–Warner already believes Zack Snyder’s going to direct that billion-dollar Justice League movie just based on this week’s box-office, and next week’s box-office grosses beg to differ. 😉

  3. LordSith

    Superhero fatigue is a myth.. That’s like saying action movie fatigue, or blockbuster movie fatigue.

    1. Rod

      Well said

  4. EricJ

    Although saying “Audiences have superhero fatigue!” just because Warner and Fox have flops is like telling Pixar/WDFA “Audiences have CGI fatigue!” just because they’ve learned to hate Dreamworks ones.
    It starts with learning there IS a difference…

  5. Jamie

    Why in the world would DisMarvel change anything in reaction to a movie that scored a dismal RT score and people are now unsure will make the $1bil it needs to break even….?

  6. Rod

    Over stuffing? I can’t get enough! This guy clearly never read comics. All they are doing is staying true to the comics. And it’s awesome! When thinking of these movies, one must keep in mind where it came from. COMICS!…Duh. There is a reason they are successful. Great stories and fantastic writing. What us true comic book fans have known all along. The more they stay true to the source material, the more successful they will be. Can’t listen to idiots telling them how to make movies. Keep it simple and just make it like the comics. Keep on “over stuffing”!

    1. Jorge C

      People who actually read comics understand that there are multiple mediums to fully explore characters and stories with an unlimited amount of print possibilities. Clearly what hundreds of issues can touch on, cannot be covered in a 2 hr movie. Superhero films are different. The problem with “true comic fans” is they can’t tell the difference and settle for poorly written dribble filled with misnomers and distractions built to hide sloppy filmmaking.
      Stick to comics and “true fandoms” because the film enthusiasts expect more. I agree with the author. Learning from your competition is what allows mediums to be elevated. It happens in the theme parks when companies try to out do each other, even if rd just for a profit. When films get better, more than “true comic fans” can enjoy it. Marvel has done a great job expanding its fan base, allowing that to foster their success. Need I remind you that “true comic fans” are what propelled the terrible Spider-Man franchise or the terrible X’men movies.
      But at least “true comic fans” have their print issues to turn back to, leaving those less worthy in the dust.

      1. Rod

        Sooo, your point is what exactly? Marvel is in zero jeopardy of losing money. They can cram their movies with as many characters as they see fit. “True fans” love it because they are all fun to watch. And we will continue to shell out the money to see them because the writing and acting is amazing….BOOOOOOOM!

        1. Rod

          Your over analyzing, hommie.

    2. wydok

      Batman v Superman “true to the comics”? What comics are you reading? What version of the comics has Luthor as a fidgety sociopath with Asperger’s? What version of the comics has Batman routinely use guns and kill people? Jimmy Olsen works for the CIA? Flash is a 20-something long-haired brunette? Cyborg is created with a Motherbox?

  7. Carl

    No marvel is not going to change its plans click bait article

  8. Frank

    Why would Marvel learn anything from this trainwreck of a film other than the danger of hiring untalented directors and editors? Kid you should learn about the movie business first, then write about it on your website.

    1. EricJ

      Actually, Marvel did learn something from Warner:
      When outlining their future movie agenda, Kevin Feige promised an audience of fans “Marvel (MCU) will never be ‘dark and gritty’!” to rousing applause.
      They know their biggest selling point is in letting gloomy ol’ Warner make them look good.

      (The movie distinction is noted because the Daredevil and Jessica Jones series aren’t really the MCU’s, and “don’t count”.
      Whoever’s giving us the linked movies, somebody -else- seems to be doing the Netflix series.)

      1. Well, the thing that I have always stressed to fans of the DC films is that dark, gritty and humorless are not substitutes for being good. And of course I get the requisite response from them about Marvel being for kids, that they’re comedies and cartoonish. None of which is accurate, except in the hyperbolic sense. Now, I like dark and gritty as much as the next person, but it has to attached to something that makes sense and doesn’t betray the rules of the story being told, or betray the characters.

  9. wydok

    Well, since Batman V Superman didn’t have very great reviews, I think Marvel is going to keep doing things they way they do them.

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