Top 5 snacks at the Magic Kingdom

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One of the best things about visiting any Disney theme park is the wonderful treats and snacks you can find while there.

Somehow everything always tastes better when you are sitting on a bench on Main Street. Most seasoned Disney Park visitors already know about the classic snacks such as the Dole whip or the Mickey ice cream bar. Because of that reason I wanted to make a series about the Top 5 snacks from the Disney Parks that you may not know about. We are going to start at the Magic Kingdom, the king of Disney Park snacks.

1 Main Street Bakery/Starbucks


About two years ago the Magic Kingdom finally got a Starbucks and you could almost hear the angels sing as the popular coffee favorite opened its doors. Signage for the Starbucks location is very subtle and every time I’m in the park carrying around a Starbucks cup someone asks me where they can get one. Whether you want something sweet like a Cherry Oat Bar, or savory like a Bacon and Gouda Sandwich, the Starbucks location has a snack for you. Castle photo shoot with your Starbucks cup is optional, but very encouraged.

2. Cheeseburger spring rolls from the Adventureland Egg Roll wagon



Located opposite the Tiki Room in Adventureland is this little snack gem. For $4.50 you can get two cheeseburger spring rolls from the Adventureland Egg Roll wagon. This combo of egg roll and hamburger may sound really weird, but it tastes divine and where else can you say that you tried a cheeseburger egg roll?

3. Mini churros with chocolate dipping sauce from Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe


Forget about the chocolate dipping sauce, this snack is all about the churros. Yummy sugar and cinnamon churros have always been a favorite Disney Park treat, but cut one up into tiny little bite-size pieces and they taste even better. For $4.99 you get a decent portion of these wonderful snacks at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe in Frontierland.

4. Nutella and fresh fruit waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow


Many a Disney fan grieved when the savory chicken waffle disappeared from Sleepy Hollow but luckily this sweet snack favorite is still there. For $6.69 you get a waffle filled with nutella chocolate and fruit/berries. I will let the picture speak for itself.

5. Ham and cheese-stuffed pretzel from The Lunching Pad


This snack choice is quite new, but is already getting a following. It quietly showed up on the menu at The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland next to the hot dogs and pretzels, but is such a better option than those two. The genius person who put this snack together deserves an award as it’s a great combo between a snack and something you could definitely have for lunch. I may wish the price ($7.49) was a little more affordable but why not splurge? You are on vacation after all.

That folks is my list of favorite snacks from the Magic Kingdom right now. With menus constantly changing you never know what new treats are awaiting us in the future.

Thanks to @reivenxo for picture help.

What is your favorite snack from Magic Kingdom?

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