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  1. Tom JK

    My thing is this: Whatever Disney movies you love, depending on what you’re in the mood for, they should work during sick days. I do not like the animated “Alice in Wonderland,” and feel that kind of film will make me feel a lot worse if I was sick. “Beauty and the Beast” is a great choice, but I also love “The Little Mermaid” a lot. Any of those will make my day.

    “Enchanted” is a great choice, but maybe not “Meet the Robinsons.” I did like the film, but it’s not one of those ones I’d watch on a sick day. With ships flying around in the sky, depending on how the camera moves on screen, that could get me nauseous.

    Plus, this is just something I want to add: I think “National Treasure” is truly underrated and is one of the last decent films that Nicholas Cage has done so far. The second could have been better, but the first is stronger. Even I thought the U.S. history connections were pretty clever.

  2. Michelle Anderson

    My son and I lived on Disney movies for three years when I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with us – severe abdominal cramps and skin rashes (no doctor figured it out either). Low and behold it was the chloramine (chlorine and ammonia) in our tap water. More and more companies are using it. It is corrosive to pipes, so what do you think it does to skin, sinuses, and intestines? Then we moved to another town to escape it. We still get exposed to chloramine in foods from the grocery store even though I pretty much have to make everything from scratch now. When I get sick, I don’t sleep well for about three nights from the intestinal swelling, so I often watch Disney movies to escape what the EPA has left us to contend with.

  3. I will watch The adventures of milo and otis movie on my sick days.

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