Comments for This Summer Horror is HOT! Now booking: Horror Summer Camp for Adults


  1. Morgan

    I went to the Tampa event. It was very disappointing mainly due to incredibly disorganization. The activities and scares started 2 hours late. It is also nowhere near as intense scare wise as they make it sound.

  2. E

    They delete the bad reviews from their pages, and they have yet to respond in any kind to our complaints. It just goes to prove mismanagement and sadly nothing but a feeling of being ripped off.

  3. Tyler Short

    I went to the Tampa one and it sucked. I rate it ★★☆☆☆, you payed to stand around and get eaten by mosquitoes. Most of the stuff advertised didn’t happen. The scare at night consisted of being awoke by a tent stack and them opening the door and draging you out and that’s it. I payed 95 $ for a tent that was advertised as the most intense, and a tent alone in the woods, but It was a tent in a field 5 feet away from another tent. The “scare” aspect was shit, they had good costumes but if I am buying the scariest level and having signed a waver I want it to be me being thrown around, thrown over a shoulder, and being shoved around, but no they were like let me just touch your face. And another thing it said hours of scare when lights out happened, ya ok I was able to fall asleep because nothing was happening. So basically if your want to pay 95$ to go camp in a field, play kids camp games, and eat shit food be my guest. Not the 4.5 star rating that it is posted as. I am pissed that I waste my money and time to just get eaten by mosquitoes.

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