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Spring has sprung and summer is soon upon us.  This summer, why not a camping trip?  Not any ordinary camping trip but a 13 hour Fright Nights Campout (FNC)!  The all-night survival even comes complete with a traditional camp cookout (burgers, hot dogs, chips) and camp counselors. However after dinner, this exciting event promises to be anything but traditional.  Boasting “Ultimate Campout Games” (of survival) where the Monsters can (and do) touch you (unless you cry out the safe phrase “I’m a big Pansy”), a full night of fear and fun is planned for each city hosting the creepy campout.


Fright Nights Campout offers three levels of immersion:

For the faint of heart, there’s the Chicken Leg Tent ($65 per person/4 people per tent):
Our chicken legs are set up in what we call the “Pansy Zone”. Your interaction with our monsters will be much more toned down as they have been given strict instructions to not touch Chicken Leg guests. They may even want to cuddle with you like a soft teddy bear and read you a good night story.

Those desiring more interaction can opt for the Blood Tent ($75 per person/4 people per tent):
The Blood Tents offer a full on interactive experience, which is a fancy way of saying we may cut your tent in half. Blood Tents are for thrill seekers that are looking to test their will to survive the night against the best Fright Nights Campout has to offer. We do offer one slight safe haven with this tent though, we set up all Blood Tents together in the same area so you will all get to hear the screams.

Finally for those feeling the need for full-on fear – there is the Guts Tent ($85 per person/2 people per tent):
Guts Tents are our couples accommodation complete with a garden view and nightly turn down service. The Guts Tent is the ultimate thrill seekers 2 person tent package. Guts Tents are the most secluded tents in Fright Nights Campout but don’t worry, you will still be within proximity to a few tents so you will still be able to hear your neighbor scream “I’m a Big Pansy!” when the Monsters appear.

FNC will be making stops in the following cities:
Tampa (June 3rd)
Jacksonville (June 4th)
Indianapolis (June 10th)
Louisville (June 11th)
Columbia (June 24th)
Charlotte (June 25th)
Columbus (July 8th)
Cincinnati (July 9th)
Chicago (July 22nd & 23rd)
Birmingham (August 5th)
Nashville (August 6th)
Atlanta (August 12th & 13th)
New York (August 26th & 27th)
Lexington (October 1st & 14th)

Their website has a Frequently Asked Questions (aka Survival Guide) area as well as details for registration.

(image source Fright Nights Camp out website and Facebook page)

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