Comments for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is now 29 spooky nights at Disney’s Magic Kingdom!


  1. louis

    Can someone please elaborate on “guests 14 and older are strongly discouraged to wear layered costumes”

  2. Nigel

    Can you wear face paint for Halloween event at Walt Disney World ? Thanks in advance :0)

  3. Kate

    Louis-It’s now a security thing that people over 14 cannot wear layered costumes.

  4. Mel

    My favorite Disney special event by far! The Boo-to-You Halloween is the best–haunted mansion float with the “animatronic” ghost trio is amazing…and the zombie ballroom dancers…and the gravediggers…! I could go on :). Boo to you and you and you and you. Happy Halloween ?

  5. Michelle

    I’m not understanding “layered” costumes. What does that mean? You can’t wear a shirt and jacket over it? That’s layering.

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