Comments for Massive Captain America Marathon to hit theaters for the release of “Captain America: Civil War”


  1. Brooke

    I attended the AMC Marvel Marathon, which was around a total of 27 hours long. I don’t think 11 hours is all that massive in comparison. Totally doable.

  2. Kate

    Are there specific theatres that will be showing the movies or is it going to be all around the country?

    1. Josh

      @Kate go to fandangos website and search by Zipcode, its all over the place

  3. Monica

    It’s annoying that the locations are so few. I can’t find one close to Wilmington DE so will likely go to MD or PA. You should also choose location based on swag and discounts. AMC is 47.99 in PA, which is crazy. And I’d rather get a book and a medallion (Cinemark) than a digital download (Regal).

  4. Jessie

    I’m going to the one in Regal red rock cause that the only one in Las Vegas

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