Comments for “Harry Potter” stars and composer John Williams to appear at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Wizarding World premiere

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    I hope that by April 5th you mean April 7?

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      Mike Celestino

      The opening ceremony is on April 5th. The land officially opens to the public two days later on the 7th.

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    I hope by half decade you mean half century. Most of John Williams’ most famous work is more than five years old. Jaws, Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones.

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      Mike Celestino

      I did. Thanks! Fixed.

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    is it possible to see them if we go that day or if the land will be open later on during the day

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    Is there any way guests can go to the opening ceremony on April 5th? Also, do you think/know if the actors for Fred and George will be there on April 7th hanging around their shop like they often do in the one at Orlando Florida?

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    Will there be any special celebrity guests at the actual grand opening on the 7th?

    I hope so!

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    Patricia Vance

    Hi. I Made it to the opening on April 7 , but not on April 5 , when more of the stars appeared . On the fifth, the Twins made it, Evanna Lynch, Warwick Davis, John Williams and Tom Felton. But on the seventh , was just the Twins and Warwick Davis . We got to listen to them speak , but didn’t get to really meet them . Still, we had a great four days and enjoyed ourselves immensely . I plan to go again . It was the best fun .

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