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Comments for Go bump in the night with Bradford Exchange’s “America’s Most Haunted” series


  1. I’m really looking forward to buying The Amityville House.
    The fact that it lights up makes it even more creepy.
    Too bad that the Amityville Horror Theme couldn’t have been added to this piece, that creepy music would have made it even better.
    A suggestion for another haunted piece would be The Winchester House, that would be awesome.
    Also, maybe The Bradford Exchange could release famous houses from Horror movies, such as Halloween(Michael Myer’s) house, The house from Burnt Offerings, maybe a wooded setting from Friday The 13th.

  2. Sheryl Caldwell

    The Overlook Hote from The Shiningl! That would be AWESOME!!!

  3. Sheryl Caldwell

    *Hotel* sorry about the typo

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