Comments for Disney unveils Haunted Mansion mystery box subscription complete with interactive at-home experience


  1. NancyS

    I would love to buy this, but it looks like it’s not compatible with my phone (iPhone 5). On the purchase page it says:
    “Supported models: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6S Plus”

  2. PatrickM

    When will Disney wake up and realize they will get many more sales if they include Android phones? There are more than twice as many Android users in the US than there are iPhone users.

    1. Herb

      Android phones are so varied it wouldn’t be worth Disney’s time to make this. Apple’s form factor is a known quantity. There are so many variations to the Android phone lines that they couldn’t feasibly include everybody.

    2. Jeremy L

      I second that. As a long time Android owner, I would gladly buy this. Even if they concentrated on Galaxy phones, Disney could probably get their development money back.

  3. Christopher McCullough

    Already sold out.

    Gonna have to do more than 999 methinks.

  4. Victoria

    Despite my trying to talk myself out of this (do you really need to spend $199 right now?) I caved. I’m so excited to be able to follow along because The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland 🙂

  5. Ashley

    I’d love to buy this but i have android :/

  6. Kathy Goodman

    I also have an Android phone. I was there the year Disney World opened, and this was my favorite ride. It is still very much a favorite, and it broke my heart that I couldn’t be included in this.

  7. TC

    Don’t worry about missing out on Android. Tried to download the on my iPhone 6 but apparently the app isn’t available in the U.S. store. That’s a waste of $199. Let’s see if I can get a refund. Anyone see the same thing? 🙁

  8. Najwa

    I got rid of other app! This has way better themes and I can also customize my unlock wallpaper, tho only a few and they can’t. I can set a different theme for different apps I want locked, & in different mode so I wont have to worry about letting someone use my phone & be snooping in my apps or pics! Great job developers! ???

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