Comments for What is Penumbra? Mysterious mailing teases Orlando secret – New experience or secret society?


  1. EricJ

    Oh, wouldn’t Tomorrowland have been so much better a movie if it’d been the movie version of The Optimist? 🙁
    (I went into the movie with the ARG game training me to think that there would be more plot about why Walt put the secret entrance into the ’64 World’s Fair–And with that “mysterious” Carousel of Progress record, I would have LITERALLY put money down that we would get some climax about guess-who the secret Optimists were going to revive from their “icebox”. And George Clooney running around an empty ruin wasn’t it.)
    And don’t even get me started on Tron Legacy and “Flynn Lives”.

    This looks like an experience, not a movie, and probably an experience that’s probably not connected to Universal Halloween VIP guests, but something third-party.
    If Ricky got it, it’d be Universal, but this sounds more like something independent for the I-Drive Renaissance.

  2. matt

    Coincidentally, the people behind The Republic are hosting auditions a few days later.

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