Comments for New “Star Wars” stage show, stormtrooper march, upgraded fireworks display coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


  1. Nope

    Funny how this is announced the same time they announce budget cuts for the poor cast members trying to make ends meet.

  2. Bradley

    We will be there on the 4th! Sweet!

  3. No won’t be there when I’m there! 🙁

  4. Heather

    Could Disney please publish ALL park hours & show offerings/times more than 1 month in advance. We need to plan over 180days out if we want to optimize our trip with ADRs, but we aren’t given enough info to properly do so. We’re going in August but have no idea what will be going on at AK & HS, on which days and during what hours. How are we supposed to figure out which parks to make ADRs in? This is why people hold 20 extra ADRs for their trip- so they have options when WDW finally releases info.

  5. Julio

    Does anybody knows the exactly date the new star wars a galactic spectacular show began? I am planning to go June 1st. Thanks

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