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citizens of hollywood

Credit: Disney


  1. Greg

    Boo! One of my favorite things about the Studios. Hard to believe that with profits at an all time high, and ticket prices making their annual hike (much faster than the rate of inflation btw), that these cuts are really necessary. I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, but especially talented entertainers such as the Citizens, and some of the recent talent lost in EPCOT as well.

    1. ADP

      Ticket price increases are more like a twice of year thing anymore.

  2. Jeff

    I am not surprised. They have for a long time been out of date. I am glad to see they are working on making updates and removing old entertainment that just slowed the crowd traffic. I look forward to a much better studios.

    1. rob

      Out of date? Quite the opposite… they are the soul of the park.

  3. tim

    your going to see more of these cuts made it has been made known that there is to be cuts made to the staffing and such as the Shanghai project is severely over budget and behind schedule. The parks and resorts are separate from the studios and as which they have budgets they must maintain overall. Not to mention the revamp of the HS overhaul was supposed to be longer, the force awakens popularity caused a extreme fast forward on projects which has led to more construction items in the budget than had planned.

  4. Paul W

    Very sad. They are the heart and soul of this park. The parks have been announcing profits and increasing ticket prices multiple times a year. There must be a better way to make up for expedited construction than removing the talent from HS and Epcot.

  5. Chris

    Is there a definitive list as to who is being let go?

  6. Roger

    One of them is a friend of mine. They love the park and it’s a shame. We’ll see you later Sparky. Your friends love you.

  7. Peter

    Having not been to the parks since losing my own job five years ago, and having my own attempts to raise awareness of these performers fail every chance I can, I am not as bothered as I normally would be. The rotten part is Disney will continue these actions and refuse to listen to the complaints of guests about this.

    People, please, Please, PLEEZE stop supporting this heinous business practice by not going to the parks! Tell a thousand of your friends. Have them tell a thousand of their friends. Have those thousand tell a thousand more, and so on and so on until Disney gets the message that we will not stand for their actions any more! There will be consequences.

  8. Ashley

    This is a sad lost. Every time I went to Hollywood Studios I would go and watch them. They are very funny people and it is a shame that some of them are getting cut. Now I wonder who is getting cut out of them all.

  9. Cindy Smith

    Terrible! My husband and I love those characters??

  10. randall

    tell me betty shambles will still be there! she is my favorite!

  11. Debbie

    Does anyone know which acts have been cut from the Citizens of Hollywood cast.

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