Comments for ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ video game gives Kylo Ren the block treatment


  1. EricJ

    Because I missed the movies in theaters, I first saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Jurassic World in Lego form, playing the game. 🙂
    Thing is, those games were doing the whole franchise tetralogies including the new films, not just gaming the ONE film. There’s not really much in Force Awakens that can really support twelve or fifteen game levels.

    1. KyloRen

      Jakku Village Battle
      Star Destroyer/Jakku
      Finn and Poe escape
      Jakku battle with Fin and Rey
      Air Battle on Jakku
      Han’s cargo with the rathars
      Battle on Takodana
      Air Battle on Takodana
      Starkiller base
      Air Battle on Starkiller base
      Starkiller escape

      Don’t tell me there’s not enough to support 12 levels, also, they are going to add levels that covers the events that occured between ep. 6 and ep. 7

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