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    How about giving it back to George Lucas and don’t mess it up. Seriously with the force awakens- really?! Boo hiss.
    Who’s playing Han? Ford may be able to do the older Han as a reflective thing back to his younger years but seriously, don’t mess this one up with some half wit. Get the Disney feel out of it. That is not what people want from Star Wars.
    And while I’m on it- could you have made a more whiny wishy washy character with Rey?! Seriously? Send her off to Hoth and leave her there with a snow beast. Ugh.

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      YES!!! Completely agree..!

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    The Han Solo film was officially confirmed by Lucasfilm on July 7, 2015. In that press release, the release date was noted as May 25, 2018. Maybe Bob and/or the board members don’t visit

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    I’m excited! They have to bring back Jaba! The kessel run would be really cool.

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    Garrett Hedlund as the next Han!

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    Jamie Costa is Han Solo.

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