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  1. Patricia

    I am VERY interested in these candles!! Could you please let me know when they are available or can I pre-order them? Is there a website for them? Thanks!!

    1. Adam McCabe

      Hey Patricia! I linked the store in the article. Here it is again:

  2. Amanda Provis

    Please let me know when these are available to buy and from what website. Thanks

  3. Jared

    Patricia and Amanda, if you click the blue “Anthology Candles” link just below the first picture in the first paragraph, it will take you directly to the website.

    Please note that the makers are only offering a few candles with a possible 2-4 month wait time, but you can buy them as of right now.

    I just purchased three…I don’t care how long it takes! Very excited.

  4. Simple Gals on Etsy has tons of different Disney Themed candles and wax melts

  5. Shannon Higgs

    They’re back on sale everyone!!! I was just on their etsy site. Because of all the orders they may take 1-2 months to get them, but they’ve been getting great reviews!


    1. Shannon Higgs

      Correction 2-4 months*

      1. Surya Fernandez

        Thanks Shannon! We’ve added that bit of info to the post now.

    1. Stefanie

      More copyrighted and trademarked infringement. These items are ILLEGAL to sell with out proper licensing. You are breaking the law.

  6. Stefanie

    Why on earth would anyone want to buy an illegal item that is blatant trademark and copyright infringement?

    1. EricJ

      Because Disney doesn’t make their own. Until they do… 🙁
      (And bring in an Epcot Le Cellier cheese-soup candle, and we’ll talk.)

  7. Hera are the Beach Club Resort and Dole Whip Candles and Tarts and they are in stock.

    Disney Candles – https://www.etsy.com/shop/PixieScentsbyAmber

  8. Bella

    Look at Walter Rosie on etsy. The original Disney scented candle maker!! So much better!!

    1. Kappas itse sain aivan samanlaisen viestin jonkun aikaa sitten. 😛 Onneksi en tehnyt li.avnikihtoanSe oli aika outoa koska minulle tuli sama kaksi kerta vaikka ekalla kertaa vastasin että en halua. Toinen tuli alidomainille.

  9. I will be buying double of everything just so I have enough to last me 😀 this is the best thing that i have seen for quite some time. Now if we can get a tower of terror scent; rock n roller coaster and Polynesian

  10. Ari

    waaaw it’s great.

    Blueberry Juice

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