Disney-scented candles can make your home smell like the Haunted Mansion

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Yeah, you read that correctly: Disney-scented candles are a thing, and it’s freaking awesome. Anthology Candles has ensured that you can now take the magic of the parks home with you, and fill your house with the sultry smells of Dole Whip, Soarin, and Churros!


Anthology Candles is proudly owned by a South Carolina-based couple named Stephen and Rheney Williams. Unfortunately, as of the publish date of this article, they’ve closed down for a little bit due to their explosive popularity.  EDIT: The store is back up but inventory remains on back-order:

Thank you so much for bearing with us during this exciting transition! We are back in a very limited capacity and are offering a small selection of our candles for purchase with an expected delivery date of 2-4 MONTHS from date of purchase. They could be delivered much sooner than expected but we cannot guarantee it. PLEASE ONLY ORDER IF YOU ARE WILLING TO WAIT!

The company also announced they would be tweaking the design of the label to better reflect the fact that they are not endorsed or affiliated in any way with Disney. (They’re now “whimsically inspired” candles, not “Disney inspired”.)

You’d better stock up on candlemakers, Anthology — they’re about to be the most popular thing on Etsy!

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