VIDEO: Jungle Cruise Skippers host “Skipper School” in Disneyland’s Adventureland during ride’s refurbishment

in Disneyland Resort

Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise is going to be down for some time while the attraction’s boats and loading system are completely overhauled, so (as we saw last week) the park has been experimenting with ways to keep the Skippers occupied and guests in Adventureland amused during the refurbishment.

Now Disneyland seems to have settled on a makeshift “Skipper School,” which features established Jungle Cruise Skippers hosting an impromptu training session for would-be Skippers, selected from volunteers among guests in the area.


The course goes through the entire script from the ride, joke by joke, allowing guests to get in on the fun of how it must feel to delivers the very famous puns and groaners to an audience full of tourists. “Graduates” are rewarded with a souvenir map of the jungle’s rivers. All that’s missing are the environments and animatronics of the Jungle Cruise itself, but a little imagination can help turn this in to the next-best thing.

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