VIDEO: Jungle Cruise Skippers tell jokes on the streets of Adventureland during the ride’s refurbishment at Disneyland

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Among the many attractions that closed either temporarily or permanently this week at Disneyland was the Jungle Cruise, which will be undergoing a lengthy refurbishment, reopening in May at the earliest. Reports have it that a new automated docking system will be incorporated into the ride when it reemerges in the Spring, but for now visitors to Adventureland will have to make do without the boats, animals, or even the jungle itself.

To make up for the Jungle Cruise‘s absence, Disneyland has parked a group of friendly Skippers in front of the ride’s now-partitioned entrance, apparently for the duration of the overhaul. The Skippers hang out with guests, take photos, sing songs, play with animal puppets, and of course tell jokes to anyone who will listen.


While it’s not quite a substitute for the Jungle Cruise proper, it’s nice to see the Skippers interacting with guests while the ride is unavailable, and the move will certainly help keep Adventureland vibrant and joyful during a time when many of the park’s famous attractions are being updated or revamped.

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