Comments for VIDEO: A tour of Disneyland attractions that will be closed during Star Wars area construction


  1. Jeremy Muscente

    As a huge Disney parks fan I’m just curious as to why not add this new Star Wars area to DCA instead? I visited Disneyland for the first time this past summer and felt that out of all the Disney Parks that I visited, including Disney World parks, that DCA was the one that needed something more. To me it would make more sense to add it there instead. I understand the whole California theme for DCA but still, it needs a little something more.

    1. CC

      I totally agree with you. And really I think that Star Wars Land should be its own park, because it really doesn’t fit into either park completely. I believe the reason it’s going where it’s going, is because of space. Disney has acres of land behind Big Thunder Ranch and the other side of the River. Currently there are office buildings and a stable there. Those are being relocated off site to make room for Star Wars. There really isn’t much space for DCA to expand as most of it is bordered by streets and hotels.

  2. Janna

    I just don’t understand why Fronteirland has to shut down when there is plenty of room in Tomorrowland for Star Wars. Hyperspace Mountain, Star Tours, Jedi Training, etc are already there why not get rid of autopia and innovations and keep it in one area I’m so disappointed

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