VIDEO: A tour of Disneyland attractions that will be closed during Star Wars area construction

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Beginning next week Disneyland will be undergoing one of its biggest expansions in a very long time, and some of its most famous and long-lasting attractions will be shut down for an extended period to accommodate the construction of the new Star Wars area of the park. Let’s take a video tour of some of the attractions we will miss the most while they are unavailable to us for over a year.

Up first, the Disneyland Railroad (originally known as the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad) has been in operation since the park’s opening day, although it has shut down for extended periods of refurbishment and construction in the past. It provides a wonderful Grand Circle Tour of the park, and it’s a great way for new guests to familiarize themselves with Disneyland’s layout before exploring for themselves.


Departing from a dock along the southeastern bank of the Rivers of America for a tour around Tom Sawyer Island, the Mark Twain Riverboat has also been running since opening day. Along with the Sailing Ship Columbia and the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, it’s one of the few ways to see the rear section of the river that will soon be transformed into part of Star Wars Land.


Leaving from a dock along the western bank of the Rivers of America in New Orleans Square are the motorized rafts to Tom Sawyer Island. The rafts depart on a continuous basis during daytime hours and the trip takes just a few minutes. It’s always been the only way for guests to reach the island.


And then, of course, is Tom Sawyer Island itself, which opened one year after the park, and was re-themed in 2007 as Pirate’s Lair as a tie-in with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise. The island features many caves, forts, treehouses, and even hidden pirate treasure for kids to discover.




We have no official indication of when these attractions might open up again, but it’s probably safe to assume we won’t see them up and running for well over a year. So enjoy them over the next few days if you happen to have the chance!

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