Comments for Universal Orlando shares more information on the King Kong ride opening this summer


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    So….sounds like Kong will be …a screen?

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      I seriously hope not. 🙁

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    We will be there the last week of May we just hope it will be open

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    its been confirmed that there will be a kong animatronic

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    Honestly universal uses way to many screens and has way to many simulator type rides. They need to be more creative, use the creativity they had during the construction of the wizarding world and really bring us new innovative rides. But every ride at universal but forbidden journey is so not original. They are so lazy using screen after screen.

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      Waaah Waaahh Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      Then Dont Go!!!

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    OK – Summer . . . . . .WHEN !! – June / July !! any ideas ?

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    Waiting on opening date to book my trip.

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    To clarify, is this a roller coaster? Please say no. Lol

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    I would love to know when the opening date will be, we have our trip booked but I need to buy tickets…

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    When is exact date in summer any idea please so we can buy the ticket

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    i’m so SUPER EXCITED and can hardly wait until the new ride opens…I wish there was an opening date so I could plan a family weekend getaway around it…

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    Sam Barrowcliffe

    The ride is set to include both a mixture of 3D screens and ground breaking animatronics.

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    As much money and creativity as ‘Universal’ has, a heart pounding coaster is needed….Everything can’t be so damn Disney!!!!!—Adult THRILL needs to be infused as well,…to make all other Theme parks Follow and not ‘#Compete’!

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    I went to universal yesterday and they were running technical tests. After a while they unofficially opened the ride, due to 1/4 of the park standing outside having hopes.I realized some effects werent woking yet, but hey… they are on technical rehersals.

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