Comments for “Star Wars” Han Solo spinoff reveals shortlist of actors being considered by Disney and Lucasfilm

Han Solo Return of the Jedi

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. K. Lee

    Anthony Ingruber is the best choice for the role. He’s not that famous and has played young Ford in Age of Adaline. Also his Ford impression of Deckard and Solo is spot-on not to mention he looks and sounds like the actor himself.

  2. Lets just hope they get the casting of Han better than they did of Hux according to this article(in depth,)“ General Hux: A whiny, spoiled, ginger-brat flavored Hitler with over the top nazi references. Watching Bill Weasley(a role Dohmnall was perfectly cast in) from Harry Potter shriek in a prepubescent third-reich-rage on a green screen yelling at a bunch of CGI stormtroopers who clearly weren’t really there, who then all sieg heiled, was hysterical. This is the new Empire? These are the new villains of the “First” Order? DISNEY’s youth agenda casting badly HURT THIS CHARACTER in particular. A much older officer would have been far more credible here. It’s the writing and casting that gave the audience next to no reason to give even one f$$k, let alone multiple f$$k$, about General Fux.”
    This article touches on the disney touch you refer to, it is too long to post here though.


    May the Force BB with us…always.

  3. Kb

    Where is Anthony Ingruber on this list. How could they miss him?

  4. Anthony Ingruber… ’nuff said!

  5. Natasha Stephens

    I think Alec Roe would be the best person for Han Solo.

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