Comments for PHOTOS: A closer look at attractions set to close at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


  1. jim

    New York street, and the Osborne lights that went with is are going to be greatly missed during the holidays especially.

    But to be honest, this was a long time coming. If you remember, New York Street, along with residential street, was part of the “back lot tour”. With that completely gone, new your street (besides Christmas time) served no purpose at all and was just taking space.

    While i really won’t miss New York Street on its own, loosing Osborne lights during the holidays is going to leave a mark.

  2. Brad

    I’m going to miss the Honey I shrunk the Kids play area. I’ve spent hours there and it’s always great to see friends photos from the same places.

  3. Breed7

    This article is titled “A closer look at attractions set to close…” and yet it’s really just a list with NO “closer look.” Way to turn your site into clickbait.

  4. Smum

    Do you have any info about the Indy Stunt Spectacular? There was rumors that it would also close to make way for the Star Wars expansion, but I’m not up to date.

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