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  1. Looking forward to more “seven things” posts!

  2. JD

    Poly *was* great until they removed the waterfall; now it’s just average. Yacht and Beach are also average. And the glaring omission is the old lady, the Contemporary; the towering A frame, giant concourse artwork, and monorails gliding through, simply can’t be beat.

  3. Marina

    If the 7 things is going based off the Lobbies then this is what I think.. even though not all the pictures are of the resorts lobbies.

    I agree with JD and definitely needing Contemporary on the list…. there’s a monorail going through it…….

    Beach club/Yacht Club have generally the same type of lobby so one should’ve been taken out.

    Art of Animation’s lobby is beautiful and no other lobby has anything like it with the concept sketches. Jodi Benson signed one of the Ariel pages in that lobby, only seen at that resort.

    Or even Port Orleans, Riverside or French Quarter.

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