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Welcome to a new column celebrating “seven things” in each article — sometimes it will be about theming, other times about history or trivia, and still other times just about value in the theme parks. Out of the gate we’re going to look at those famous Disney Resorts at Walt Disney World, selecting the seven best-themed lobbies.

#7 – Yacht Club. Opulent, refined, tasteful, yet still accessible and comfortable for the masses, the Yacht Club common areas and check-in zone manage to strike a difficult balance. We feel affluent simply by being here, but we also feel right at home.

yacht club 2007-03-04-4773

#6 – Beach Club. Expensive furnishings with an even more laid-back vibe, the Beach Club offers common areas that are designed to make you feel relaxed, and boy do they work! (Just look at the attached lazy river for proof.)

beach club 2013-09-20-1612

#5 – Coronado Springs. Not every item in this list comes from the “deluxe” category of most-expensive Disney hotels (not does every “deluxe” resort warrants inclusion), and Coronado Springs proves that. It’s a moderate hotel deserving of recognition for its lobby and public areas (especially that pool!) Highly themed, they really “take you away.”

coronado springs 2013-12-31-5582

#4 – Grand Floridian. Everyone who enters the Grand Floridian’s large central atrium is inevitably impressed by the sheer size, scale, and opulence. It’s almost a requirement to say “oooooh” out loud.

grand floridian 2006-09-03-7601

#3 – Polynesian Village. One of the best examples of a lobby designed to make you feel transported to a new place, the Polynesian Village instantly makes you feel like you’re in Tahiti. The effect is immediate and impossible to resist.

polynesian 2015-04-18 008

#2 – Wilderness Lodge. The scale of the central area, around which the guest rooms are built, takes your breath away. Factor in the geyser in the common area and the bubbling streams and you’ve got a winner.

wilderness lodge 2010-12-29-7381

#1 – Animal Kingdom Lodge. The perfect mixture of escapism, colossal scale, and exotic designs, Animal Kingdom Lodge manages to instill awe, inspire by making us realize anything is possible, and excite at the same time.

dak lodge 2011-04-24-4119

So what do you think? Discussion and even disagreements are welcome in the comments below!

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