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    … I am never around when my favorite things die. I am not into The Fast and The Furious. It bores me. Action movies bore me. I like the undead much more. I am very depressed to see this go, as I am one of BJ’s top fanatics… Mostly from the cartoon, but still. I am a major Tim Burton nerd in general as well. I just found out this closed when I went on YouTube yesterday and have been upset ever since. I am not okay with this. Especially since I can’t do thrill rides due to high anxiety issues. I could only do Beetlejuice, E.T., Men In Black, Jaws, King Kong, Jimmy Neutron and Back to the Future… As well as Disaster and Twister as well. Now all that is gone except for ET and MIB. I don’t like MIB because I get frustrated when I lose at games and I tend to mess up on that one a lot. I love ET to death, but I can’t ride it for more than about an hour or I’ll get bored. I also love Harry Potter, but I can’t really ride anything… I can’t do Gringott’s because of the drop and I have a fear of the Goblins ever since one showed up with shark teeth. I can’t ride Dueling Dragons/Triwizard Tournament because roller coaster. I can’t ride Flight of the Hippogriff even though I love Buckbeak because it goes too fast and I get anxious. I can barely ride Forbidden Journey but Harry’s flying makes me sick in more ways than just the stomach. What are people like me going to do??? Sit in Dr. Seussland all day on a bench?!?! I was supposed to go again this summer for the first time since my anxiety breakdown and now my favorite show is gone, leaving just one of my favorite attractions behind. I’m kind of not looking forward to it because if I do go, I’ll probably start to cry when I find BJ and I’ll literally be waving goodbye to ET because I don’t have high hopes that Steven alone can keep it in the park now when everything else is gone. I love Harry Potter a lot, but if ET leaves, I am never going to Universal again. Because I won’t have anything to really have fun doing there anymore. You may ask me things like “But can’t you handle Minions?” Or “You can handle Shrek though right?”.

    Sure, Minions is fun until I remember I’m in the old Neutron building. At which point I become sad and when I feel that way, it’s easier for me to experience motion sickness.

    Shrek 4D?! Oh my god. Ick. The DreamWorks “cash cow”. No. I gave up being a fan of Shrek after the first sequel. My family usually drags me into that attraction and I always end up regretting it. I miss the Universal of my childhood. Give it back, please. I had hoped to never see Orlando’s BJ walking around without a stage nearby. And I have seen what the California walk around BJ usually looks like. The makeup is horrible and I have a bad feeling our Ghost Host won’t look the same as the stage show version either.

    I’m close to crying again for the second time since yesterday. This isn’t cool. Don’t try to make it sound like what’s coming is bigger and better things. Because it’s not. We are replacing the immersion tactics of the old stuff and fooling ourselves into thinking the replacements have better immersion when they really don’t. The honest truth is the theme park industry is losing money and 3D simulators are just cheaper to build and maintain than it is to pay actors, run and upkeep an audio animatronic set or run and clean hundreds of audio animatronic figures and props. You all can keep fooling yourselves by ignoring anomalies on 3D motion simulators. But every time I go, I’m gonna notice the movie frame bars on top and bottom of the screen. I will notice how much CGI is around me. I will feel that nothing around me is actually there because of the falsehood of it all.

    That’s why I only ever liked very very few motion simulators. I like Jimmy Neutron. I like Back to the Future. I like Star Tours over at Disney and I don’t even like Star Wars! Those are my only 3 “most loved” 3D motion simulators. All of my other favorite attractions feature realistic, tangible, moving, talking/singing characters and items all around me that won’t be elusive to touch if someone ever reached out and touched them.

    If I do still go this year, it will now only be for my desire to be around other Potter fans for a day. That’s it. My family doesn’t think that’s worth their money. Because there isn’t anything else for me to really do. And I know I am not the only Potter fan or BJ fan who can’t do thrill rides. Many of my friends who are into those same things are a lot like me. We are getting left behind by these parks and many of us are their biggest fans because they once hosted a plethora of things we could do too with everyone else. Now they’re leaving us in the dust and some non thrill seekers who once loved them are very upset…

    In the end though… What hurts the most for me is this. I love the Beetlejuice universe and I love horror movie monsters. Especially The Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula… I am also a huge Halloween nerd and I find it hard to be happy when I don’t have some piece of Halloween right with me. Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue/Mashup was my little slice of Halloween during the summer and it helped hold me until Halloween actually came. I’m really really really going to miss it more than I can express. And going back to the beginning where I said I’m never there when my favorite things die… I enrolled for the Spring semester of college courses and due to high anxiety about starting classes back again after two years taken off, I wouldn’t have been able to leave town. I thought it was the worst when I didn’t get to have my last goodbye to Dopey on Snow White’s Scary Adventure and I cried a little. I don’t think that felt anything like what I feel now being one of the biggest BJ fans and not getting to go send him off in person.

    It’s gonna sound sappy but I have some plans. I like to make ragdolls and I saw one of Beetlejuice that I really liked, so I want to try to make one like it myself. If I do it and get it done before the annual trip time and if I decide to go, I will most likely take the doll with me around the park and will definitely try to see what BJ thinks of it if I see him. I was thinking of stitching some numbering onto the back of his jacket: “R. I. P, 1992-2016”.

    I feel horrible looking at the year the show started. That was my birth year. The show and I were just 23 years old. I guess that’s old for a show but to me it doesn’t sound old enough… I grew up watching this show a lot. For me, this is close to losing a best friend and I don’t think I’ll be okay for a while.

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      Hamid Zamora

      I feel exactly the same way.

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    Michael Stella

    I to will miss BJ’s revue it was funny and interactive. This is not progress.

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