Comments for Disneyland Paris reveals the international debut of Hiro Hamada and the gang from Big Hero 6

Photo Credit to @DisneyMoi/Twitter


  1. Jessica

    I’m used to seeing the face character that’s in the US parks, so maybe that’s why I find the masked Hiro a bit off-putting.

    1. Alex.J

      You’re not alone. That’s kinda creepy to me.

    2. Toy96789


  2. EricJ

    Also, the masked character will probably be silent, while the face Hiro at the Studios had great interaction with the guests.
    It’s not often you can cast a good energetic male face-character like Peter Pan or Aladdin, but when they can, it’s a fun experience.
    (Which is why Baymax is by himself at Epcot.)

    1. Th3m3p4rk

      The problem was that in Big Hero 6, Hiro is a teenager and the actor in the park was in his 20’s

      1. Victor

        That’s a not a good “to be fair” comment.
        Peter Pan and Alice are children.
        Snow White is about Hiro’s age
        The Princesses are meant to be 16-20 and so are the Princes.

        Hiro’s face characters gets the most age comments and I don’t see the listed characters get any comments like that and they look older than Hiro does in the parks.

  3. St4r4ptor


  4. Victor

    Should have stick to the face character.

  5. Claudia

    Was it just for NYE or is it permanent? 🙂

  6. “We are now circling the Seven Seas Lagoon. On your left you can view the Uncanny Valley.”

  7. Candice

    Is this a permanent install? We are visiting in April and my daughter would love this. Thx

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