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  1. Jodi

    This is absolutely ridiculous. The way they treat hourly Disney employees is horrible! I was making $7 an hour and dealing with sexual abuse and harassment from men at work who got promoted!! Disney really needs to rework how they treat women and their hourly wages! Take some out of Igers pay to help the employees! I couldn’t even afford a $400 monthly rent fee!

  2. Sean

    I think Mr. Iger and the Disney Corporation itself has an over-abundance of avarice. Everything they represent has nothing to do with quality on any level, only the quantity of people they can screw out of cash.
    Walt is rolling over in his grave.

  3. Toni

    Hard to wrap my mind around why such a huge pay scale. I have family that work in the park and know the struggles they have. It’s getting harder for middle class family’s to afford a 2 day trip at the least besides all the other expenses that go along with it.

  4. Michelle Anderson

    I think Disney employees need to go on strike.

  5. Tyler

    That hourly salary is grossly misstated. Mr. Iger works far more than 40 hours per week. His usually work day is 4:30am-7:00pm according to multiple sources who work with him. He runs a billion dollar business that has grown tenfold over his tenure. While his pay may be steep, outside of his 2.5 base, all his pay is based off of stock bonuses and long term compensation which will not be realized until years down the road. While executives are paid more, they are required to be responsible for more. If there’s an issue, it goes to the top and the biggest problems fall into mr iger. In my personal opinion he earned every penny by his acquisitions and yearly devotion to making Disney one of the greatest companies in the world.

    1. Michelle Anderson

      The CEO and COO’s salaries are around 60 million put together, and the employees can’t afford rent. Something’s wrong Tyler.

    2. Will morse

      It’s not the greatest company in the world if 35% of Cast Members are on Food a Stamps and all hourly workers qualify if they are making basic pay.bbi worked there in Entertainment I Know…I was in a Show that was one of the biggest attractions at the Studios…I and my fellow Cast Mates worked our assess off 5 shows a Day….WE WERE THE MAGIC. AND WE WERE ON FOOD STAMPS,

    3. Betty

      I don’t care if his responsibility is great or he works 5-7. I’m a cast member who works 12 hour shifts, is responsible for people’s lives in my position, operates a main attraction, solves guest issues and so much more, yet I can’t afford $300 towards rent + my car payment and food. If it weren’t for my boyfriend trusting my ambition to move up, I’d be homeless. And my managers don’t make very good money either and they do even more than me. The money should be trickled down farther, not just stay at the top. Period. We all have a part to play in the company, and those with greater responsibility should ALSO be paid more, even if it means not paying the top guy millions.

  6. Ethan

    Well base pay for regular hourly roles are between 10 and 12.50 now, so I’d say it’s pretty good. Idk about more specialized roles and management roles.

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