Comments for Disney CEO Robert Iger confirms fifth Indiana Jones film in the works



  1. EricJ

    And while the idea came out of knee-jerk Chris Pratt rumors the week Jurassic World opened in theaters while we were waiting for Disney’s Lucasfilm….isn’t Cars 3 and Toy Story 4 enough to put a restraining order on Bob Iger suggesting any more film projects?

  2. Diane Kalin

    NO!!!! You cannot replace Harrison ever! HE is what makes Indy….There are no other actors who can fill those shoes. I am absolutely ecstatic to see that the new film is in the works, but would not be able to sit through it without him. Sometimes, they just find a perfect fit. This is one of those times. Please do not mess with success!

  3. Mark smith

    I agree with Diane, Harrison Ford is and always will be Indiana Jones!! I like the idea of a new movie, but is it just me or is Disney starting to look like the Wal-Mart of the movie biz?

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