Comments for D-Tales #14 – Hidden Disney History at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


  1. FigmentJedi

    Bullion ended up being a big part of the Thunder Mountain comic Marvel did last summer, but I didn’t realize that the character of Wilikers was taken from the new queue as well.

  2. hale-bopp

    Okay, one question. When you are about to board the ride, there is a sign on the wall that says “Telegraph Office Morris Code Manager Exit”. Knowing that it’s Morse Code, I suspect this misspelling is a hidden reference/tribute to someone. Any ideas?

    I took a picture of it but don’t see a way to post it here.

    1. I saw the same misspelling on a recent trip. Can’t find anything on line so maybe I’ll contact Disney directly and ask them. Weird, my husband, a HAM for 60 years can’t figure it out either

  3. Chelsea

    Apple Dumpling Gang actually was Disney’s biggest box-office hit in the ’70’s to warrant a (completely unnecessary) sequel, so yes, it was definitely good enough to warrant inclusion on the ride.

  4. Bob Pritchard

    I believe the geyser in Disneyland’s Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland was Ol’ UN-Faithful because you never knew when it was going to go off. I loved that ride when I was little.

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