Comments for A review of the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival that recently replaced Captain EO at Epcot


  1. Jane

    These are beautiful videos, however they ar shorts you can watch in your home. Captain EO was far more appropriate and fun to this. Why was this change made?

    1. bob

      Because Captain EO was simply unwatchable.

      1. Luis

        You know what else is unwatchable, your negative comments on an iconic and classic/vintage favorite like Captain EO. This change should never have been made. #disapointedguest

    2. Robert Smith

      It is a disgrace that Disney left this child molester’s movie running as long as it had.

      This much-needed change is long, long overdue!

  2. Kate

    Captain EO needed to have run minimum till 2020!! I LOVED IT!! If you did not GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

  3. Bk

    Nice replacement. Captain EO was tired and dated.

  4. Andre

    Well, I did get to see Captain EO the last time the family went to Disney a couple of years ago. It was the first time, and apparently the last, that I saw the show. I thought it was okay. Nothing that I would go back to the office declaring that it was a must see. But then again, at 40+ I would guess that would be the attitude that I would take.

    The only person young enough in the group to really appreciate it was to young to have any appreciation for just how popular MJ was at the time this was made. So perhaps it was time to move on. Though it would be nice to rotate the show in every so often for what I’m sure is many fans that still appreciate it.

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