Comments for Star Wars and Marvel franchises help Disney pass 5 billion dollars in ticket sales in one year for first time ever


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    Tomorrowland was a financial disappointment as well.

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      Unfortunately. Good movie.

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        Good attempt, but the “Guess what?” revelation (so, you were expecting a big shiny city from the trailer?–Well, our heroine was fooled, too!) was the biggest bait-and-switch downer since Dorothy found the Yellow Brick Road torn up in “Return to Oz”.
        (What happened to that Walt-centric story they teased us with in the “Optimist” game?–I wanted to see THAT movie! With Tom Hanks as Walt again!)

        And I think we’re all well past considering Avengers 2: Age of Ultron a “good” movie, but it did keep the end-of-the-year profits full. Even if the photo at the top should really have Ant-Man on it.

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    Mike S.

    > and that there are more sure-fire hits coming from Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm

    Psst… and from Disney Studios and Disney Animation.


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