Comments for PHOTOS: New security measures at Universal Orlando already in place


  1. James Maybeld

    And this is how the terrorists win… their goals are not to murder people, not to force their ideologies on everyone else. Terrorist’s goals are to destabilize, insight fear and disrupt normal ways of going about life. They’ve totally achieved those goals here in the US. More people die in car accidents, more people die of street violence…

    1. frostysnowman

      You are 100% correct. This is unreasonable, ridiculous and unnecessary.

      1. Joe Marmo

        So you think that guns, knives, illegal alcohol and drugs should not be screened for? Our security is more about that than terrorism, however you think we should just let them walk right through the front door? It’s about keeping guests safe from all the morons in the world and it sounds like you’re one of them. It’s private property and our house and our rules. If you don’t like it don’t come, no one is forcing you. We have enough idiots to deal with dumb ass!

        1. Deborah

          Joe Marmo, I am with you. I came across this site because I am considering going to U.S .and I wanted to check the security. Frisk me, go through my hand bag, I am all for it. Just allow me to have a safe time.

  2. Jeremy Gary

    And this isn’t even the worst of it … WDW has removed bubble blower “guns” from their parks … seems over the top, obnoxious and completely unnecessary. Not sure if Universal and/or SeaWorld has also banned bubble blowers (I can’t even bring myself to refer to them as guns, as that is a ridiculous description)

  3. Melissa Boye

    Last night was our first experience with the security. My husband is a concealed weapons carrier , all legal, he did not have his gun but a small knife. The officer was taking it and my husband asked for a claims receipt for when we were leaving and was told no. So
    He returned the knife to the car. I get it but a claim check process would be great. I also think more signs should be posted by where cars are parked and the gate where you pay to get in. Unless I missed them??? Like seeing security updated but put up notices everywhere.

  4. D McG

    It really seems a little overboard to me. And it’s going to be a nightmare during the busy season. Ever been to Halloween Horror Nights? It takes 30 minutes just to get through the scanners and now it’s set up for the entire property. I foresee that entire rotunda completely queued up with people waiting an hour or more just to get into CityWalk. Going to a movie at the AMC CityWalk? Better show up extra early.

  5. Ismel

    So after the what happen at pulse night club, do u still think it ridiculous and unesasary to have a security check point? Better to wait two hours in line and be 90 percent safe then be sorry later and be part of another horrible news story. It’s not only terrorist as history has shows there’s plenty of us citizens that have taken the lives of innocent people. There is no safe places anymore. Anything can happen at any time. By having that kind of check point it just makes it a little safer for everyone.

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