PHOTOS: New security measures at Universal Orlando already in place

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There’s a new checkpoint for inspection when entering the Universal Orlando Resort by way of the parking structures. The bag check which previously was set up inside the rotunda, just before the moving walkways that take you to CityWalk, have been moved. The new location places bag check just before entering the complex, immediately after the parking garages themselves.

Guests are being asked to empty out their pockets in addition to the bag check, with Universal security officers utilizing metal detecting wands to scan each guest as well. It’s a similar process that’s used during Halloween Horror nights.

There’s no word on how long this setup will take place, or if there’s any additional visible changes other than metal detection screening.

Universal spokesman Tom Schroder told the Orlando Sentinel the decision to test metal detectors was not driven by a specific threat.

If you’re visiting the parks, you’ll see the security stations just past the stairs, elevators and moving walkways as you leave the parking garage levels. There’s also an additional check in the rotunda for guests arriving by taxi, bus or being dropped off in addition to both walkways leading from the Universal Resort hotels.

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