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Sleeping Beauty Castle & Main Street USA - Disneyland Parise


  1. Jonathan Y.

    Since most of us can’t read French, here’s the announcement video in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq8g8gYQ_Tk

  2. Davina

    Living on the outskirts of London, England Disneyland Paris is quite easy and cheap to get to for me and my family. It is only when I started to visit Disney World Florida that I realised they are a million miles apart in the quality and customer service you receive. Disneyland Paris is tired and run down, dirty with poor customer service . The food is appalling in comparison to Florida (even in gastronomic France). Don’t get me wrong I loved Disneyland Paris until I visited Florida and learned just how magical Disney could be. It seems with dropping numbers, it’s not just me being over critical. I just wish the airfare to Florida was cheaper from the UK!!!

  3. I absolutely love Disneyland Paris, and like any announcement of Disney “improving” things, I have some trepidation. Please, please, please, I hope they’re not thinking of adding Jack Sparrow to Pirates. It is presently the only version of the ride without him and the rest of the movie-centric additions, and I would really like it to stay that way. It reminded me of everything that worked about the original attraction before they just threw movie stuff in there at random.

  4. DynastyGo

    Actually attendance was up to 14.8 this year after two years of lower attendance. Since 2007 it has never been under 14 million.

  5. Carl

    The only thing that will really exceed the expectations of the guests who visit DLP is the service they receive from ALL the cast members in the park. Guest service in DLP has been a major problem since day one and it’s the thing that folk remember more than anything else. The French cast need to be retrained by cast trainers from Tokyo Disneyland. Those that don’t make the grade must then be fired and new cast who believe in the preservation and delivery of Disney Magic and do so without compromise hired in their place. People don’t mind paying the extra if they receive the full Disney experience. Following on from this Disney grooming standards need to be improved to ensure they meet the company standards. Finally, whilst located in France, it’s understandable that French will be a featured language in the parks, however English is both the international language of the business and the second language of Europe. In order to be more welcoming to international and continental guests the park and it’s attractions, shows and signage need to be English first, French second. Tokyo Disneyland is one of the worlds best theme parks babes they follow this principle and Hong Kong Disneyland also realised this and whilst featuring the local language, it comes second after English.

  6. Carl

    Disney can spend billions refurbishing the badly neglected park, so it’s restored to its original glory. However, if the culture of the recent years’ bad show that’s been allowed to permitted, with restaurants and shops closed hours before the park, minor maintanience done in front of guests during park hours and of course the aforementioned abhorrent guest service and relations isn’t first rectified then it shall be money wasted and people will continue to have a negative perception of DLP and like me travel a lot further to Tokyo DL or the US parks to experience Disney at its world class unbeatable best.

  7. Steph

    Went to DPL in 2015. Little daughter was very excited at meeting the princesses. Enroute to the princess pavilion, we met Tiana, possibly changing shifts, escorted by a DPL staff. Asked if we can grab a photo, she actually said no, she was busy and walked off. Same with Peter Pan. Totally spoilt the magic for us.

  8. Rochelle Kissmore

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