Comments for 32nd annual Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade promises to be “unforgettable”

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    Do you think they’ll actually show the parade, unlike last year?

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      I agree!! No parade? No watch!!!

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    Sevros girl

    This sounds like it will be just like last year, terrible. Maybe I’ll watch the parade from 2 years ago on my dvr. After Neil Patrick Harris it’s like they aren’t even trying anymore.

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    I agree with you 100% last year was terrible I recorded it fast forwarded it thru the singing and commercials saw about 5 min of a parade .Disney is always very good with things but this is a flop to me not what I call a parade very disappointed in Disney .I watched a mile of light parade from Chicago and saw more Disney than Disney own parade pretty bad huh!

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    I wish they would have all these stories , which are wonderful by the way, but… I want to see the Disney Parade!!!

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      Oops, show the Disney documentary stories at another time. Show the parade! We all have a story about disney world. It’s becoming more and more unwatchable and forgettable than unforgettable like what you are going for in this 2015 show. Maybe next year you will get it right.

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