Comments for Universal Orlando leading opposition against proposed Skyplex project while Unicorp proceeds with its plan for I-Drive


  1. Shawn

    My husband and I lived off Universal Blvd near the Orlando convention center for over 5 years now. We have seen this area grow and change. 5 years ago we would have never walked down idrive at night because it felt run down and unsafe. We do have some concens about how traffic will be handled in this area very conjested intersection at idrive and sandlake. If some major changes are made to resolve the traffic issue we are all for this new complex that will continue to bring idrive and our tourism to a new level.

  2. Ross Beattie

    Having spent our yearly holidays in Orlando on a regular basis I am excited abOut this development although hearing that Universal were originally capped at a 200 ft for any of their attractions it does seem a little bit unfair with the possible lack of inconsistency that Skyplex is allowed to be over 500 ft if not more.
    Is that due to different zones in Orlando?
    Also Walt Disney did it right buying their land initially to hide any outside influences. Universal doesn’t have that luxury so they will have to hide the Skyplex view well to stop so they will need to be creative if it does go ahead.
    Yes International Drive does seem a little bit unsafe especially the road junctions but having seen a proposal there is some scope by creating elevated walkways similar to how Las Vegas crossed there very busy junctions.
    Blackpool in England, UK although not exactly an exact comparison to International Drive has been known for looking untidy and with some parts looking a little bit of an unsafe environment especially at night time but with serious investment it has been turned round and standards have massively increased.
    This I am sure will happen to other parts of International Drive. We can clearly see towards the Orlando Eye area we can see development has massively been invested so it’s with everyone’s best interest especially the hotels of that area that similar investment is continued.

  3. Elizabeth gmazel

    Please vote against the skyplex

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