Comments for Twister: Ride It Out storms out of Universal Orlando as Jimmy Fallon prepares to move in


  1. Bob

    It was a fun attraction when it was opened but I believe a lot of people are glad to see it retired now. So many great things happening at Universal!

    1. John Ackerby

      It was one of my favorite attractions at the Florida theme parks. I live in Washington state and seeing the Twister attraction was a significant part I would take the trip out to Florida.

      I just found out that Universal Studios got rid of Twister. I’m disappointed.

  2. s-w

    good riddance that was the lamest thing at universal period

  3. JayKay561

    Sorry to see this go.
    I am from the UK and have been to Orlando 12 times in the last 20 years and have always gone to Universal but not Disney not a place me and my family like.
    Went on this ride a month after it opened but it does need something new in its place as it was starting to look its age.
    Will not be back to Orlando till 2018 so when we go back there will be a few new things to ride,so hope the show or ride that is taking twisters place is good.

  4. Wilson

    ….Another one gone (Kong) ….Another one gone (Jaws) ….Another one bites the dust.

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