Skyplex owner aims to transform International Drive into Orlando's family-friendly Las Vegas – but needs fans' immediate help - Inside the Magic

Comments for Skyplex owner aims to transform International Drive into Orlando’s family-friendly Las Vegas – but needs fans’ immediate help


  1. Brian

    Ugh, as if I-Drive needed more tackiness. I hope this gets blocked just on the principles of good urban planning and design.

    1. Joel


  2. EricJ

    Bringing third-party coasters to Orlando is dumping coal on Newcastle: Las Vegas, OTOH, IS the Strip (although technically much of the old-school tackiness is now “the Fremont Street Experience”), and they’re allowed to build rollercoasters and ziplines to boost their exterior city businesses because they don’t have a Disneyland nearby.
    What Orlando needs is more of a CITY, and they’ve worked hard to build one.

    After the “When in doubt for how to revive your city” Ferris wheel, next they’ll be saying that I-Drive needs a monorail…Oh, wait. 😉

  3. CB

    This is definitely not needed

  4. Jim

    This is why Orlando SHOULD approve this project. Lookn at Universal in recent years. Universal has brought at large attractions such as Transformers, Harry Potter and soon to come King Kong. Universal would have never have invested this much if it wasn’t for competition. The competition of Disney has allowed for all Orlando’s theme parks to fight for attendance therefore them investing more into their parks. Universal is afraid of this project because of the potential competition. If this project gets approved not only will it allow Universal and other theme park attractions to invest, it will also create jobs and will transform the I-Drive area into a world class destination. I approve of this project.

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